Due to the directives for social distancing and the standard that most small barns are applying with Covid-19 we are not allowing outside horses or outside visitors on the property. Please be understanding, we have family members that are high-risk.

Also, while breeding season is important, the financial impact on the equine industry from Covid-19 will have a negative impact on horse welfare and market value.

Breeding Season Need To Know Information:

  • Breeding Season is February 15th – June 30th
  • Mare Care: $15 wet / $12 dry
  • Mares must be accompanied with Negative Coggins and Health Certificates no more than 7 days old
  • Mares must be halter broke and safe to handle
  • Numenor Farms reserves the right to deny service to any mare
  • Breeders Certificates will not be released until a foal has been born
  • Mares must be registered & the cross must produce a foal eligible to be registered
  • Require 6 panel negative DNA tests on all mares

Lots of time and research goes into finding the right match for a mare, and I make a point to promote responsible breeding practices from quality bloodlines. I have had great success with the Mr. Prospector on Easy Jet cross. While many people look down on the Thoroughbred as inferior to the Quarter Horse (I include paints in that statement), the fact is there would be no Quarter Horse breed without the Thoroughbred. Since so many different strains of Quarter Horse have been selectively bred (often for traits from Thoroughbred ancestors), I find it desirable to use a healthy helping of Thoroughbred out-cross blood.

Shipped Semen Questions:
I get one or two questions every couple of years about the availability of shipped semen. The truth is I have had so little interest in it that it does not offset the cost of collection, cooling / freezing and shipping. However were there enough interest in a single breeding season, I am more than willing to provide cooled or frozen shipped semen.

Thoroughbreds & Shipped Semen
The Jockey Club does not recognize mares bred by artificial insemination. Therefore, Gotta Be Free will only be available for Live Cover to Thoroughbred mares, no matter how much interest is shown in shipped semen for him. For AQHA & APHA mares, however, that is not a problem.

Gotta Be Free
Gotta Be Free
Primoris Prognatus
Primoris Prognatus
KAB MyHiddenTreasure
KAB MyHiddenTreasure