Pedigree, Mind, Conformation… the trifecta of a good prospect and the focus of the Numenor Farms program. With a concentration on running bloodlines, I have had great success in producing quality, sane, athletic horses for whatever job they are given.

Home of stallions KAB MyHiddenTreasure (APHA), Gotta Be Free (JC) and Primoris Prognatus (AQHA).

Request for Information

If you have an information about any of the following horses I am doing some bloodline & progeny research and I would greatly appreciate any information you have.

Photos of The Colt Forty Five (APHA). I recall him being in the Paint Horse Journal, but no longer have a copy.
Information about any foals of KAB MyHiddenTreasure or three mares bred to him in 2005 (see Foals by KAB MyHiddenTreasure page).
Foals of the stallion War Czech (APHA, Deceased).
Dustari (APHA) by Leos Gold Dust (APHA) our of Melo Lee (APHA).
Docs Spin Maker (APHA) by Docs Diamond Dandy (APHA) out of Melo Lee (APHA).
Hollydocs Sweetheart (APHA) by Docs Diamond Dandy (APHA) out of Hollywood Dee Bar (APHA).
Cinnamax (APHA) or her foal by SFS Dakotas Spark.
Any horse by the Thoroughbred stallion Malthus.
Foals of the mare Stormy Can Do (APHA).

KAB MyHiddenTreasure & SonnysWarriorElvis May 2009
Tiers Of Lords & Primoris Prognatus Oct 2014