I Cee Rare
1999 Gray AQHA
Pie Island x Gays Blazing

When I started looking for the right mare to cross on Gotta Be Free I knew exactly what I wanted. I looked at mares for over a year before I bought found ‘Ici’. She is one of those wonderful, kind mares that does not have a touch of marishness in her. With nice, compact build and clean bone structure she fits my idea of a perfect mare.

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Cutters Sierra Star
1993 Brown AQHA
Caoba Cutter x Sierra Te Patton


‘Sara’ is little package of dynamite performance, even in her late teens. Unfortunatly her late age and a cyst has kept her from producing a foal for us, despite having produced several foals in her younger years before I bought her.


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Colts Tax Deadline
2003 Bay Tobiano APHA
The Colt Forty Five x Shelby’s Suprise
Colts Tax Deadline pedigree in PDF

Dixie is a wonderful mare, incredibly sweet and laid back. You can jump on her bareback, with no bridle any time and she is always relaxed. She is bred very similarly to Sara, and sometimes you have to do a double take to tell them apart in the face.

Expecting a foal by KAB MyHiddenTreasure in 2016.


Colts Tax Deadline with her 2016 Solid Chestnust colt by KAB MyHiddenTreasure


Adrea Fortuna
2015 Gray AQHA
Gotta Be Free x I Cee Rare
Adrea Fortuna pedigree in PDF

Finally got my filly, full sister to Primoris Prognatus, I can’t wait to see what she can do. Super sweet, and quite a looker, she is already greying out at 6 months.



Introducing Adrea to her big brother.
She is not intimidated.