I offer certified Equine Sports Massage Therapy.

Sessions run about 45 minuets to 1 1/4 hour, depending on your need.

Any pre-competition massages are light, loosening massages meant to relax and sooth muscles, increase circulation and give an overall good feeling. These are usually about 45 minuets.

Post-competition massages are deep tissue, and can take up to an hour and a half. This massage is meant to release toxins, loosen muscles that are tight from travel or heavy work, and help the horse bounce back from hard work. This is intense session and I recommend light work and lots of hydration for a couple of days afterward. I do not recommend this message for the day before a competition, it should be scheduled no closer than 4 days prior.

Rates are:
Multiple horse discounts:
2-4 horses: $5 off per horse
5+ horses: $10 off per horse
College Student Discount – $5 off your service OR Students can use the group discount if several horses are located at the same barn and scheduled at the same time.

For travel of more than 60 miles from Lubbock, Tx, a fuel charge will incur at a rate of $0.35/mile after the first 60 miles.

I am certified through Equiflex Equine Sports Massage Therapy certification program, a course offered by the Body Business School of Massage Therapy, Durant, Oklahoma.